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Dispex, the leading provider of training courses,products and
services for Dispensing Practices


Dispex Ltd was established in 2001 to enable dispensing doctor practices to benefit
from the joint efforts, expertise and power of a leading group in its market place. Our dedicated team works with over 700 dispensing practices throughout the UK on a daily basis giving our members the help, support and advice they need.

We are acknowledged leaders in the provision of bespoke training courses for dispensing
practice staff. 
Our fundamental objective is to ensure our delegates acknowledge their 
 are small businesses and ensure they have a clear understanding of how a successful dispensary should be managed. Highlighting the key skills and knowledge
needed to run a dispensary safely, while increasing and maintaining profitability, but not forgetting probity.

All of our courses are aimed to be informal and interactive, with our tutors and delegates sharing best practice ideas in a seminar format. We believe that the interaction between
the tutor and the delegates is vital, which is why we keep our classes deliberately small.

Within our training team you will find an experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished
team of tutors. Between them they have trained thousands
of NHS professionals.


over 2,600 NHS professionals between 
since Autumn 2013.