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5 Causes of Stock Waste


Five Causes of Stock Waste

  1. Over ordering of stock. Do not order 100 packs if only 10 packs are used in a month. The tied up capital may be greater than the extra discount.
  1. Unwise bulk purchasing. Use the stock usage facility of the computer or wholesaler  monthly usage books to ensure you are not over-ordering
  1. Allowing stock to go out-of-date. Check dates regularly. List short date items and make sure everyone is aware of short date stock.
  1. Forgetting to check the nurse’s cupboards and shelves. The same rules apply here as in the dispensary. However, the nurse’s room may be where the emergency injectables are kept, so an exception must be made here no matter how rarely they are used i.e. for emergency injectables stock must be held on site even though it may move slowly or be expensive. And don’t forget to check the dates of any emergency injectables too.
  1. Stocking identical products from different manufacturers. 

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