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Are Wrong Group Movements Costing You Money?


Wrong Group Movements

Update from Amanda Chell

Recently I received a call from a GP Practice who were concerned about the way they were handling Personally Administered [PA] item prescriptions which were applied to the patient by a health care professional in the surgery. The dispensary staff thought that any item applied "to, on or in" a patient was a PA item and therefore any patient was automatically exempt from paying a prescription charge and if the staff endorsed the prescription PA then NHS Prescription Services would take this into account.

However, bandages and dressings are NOT considered PA items for the purposes of reimbursement and prescription charge collection. If a patient ISN'T exempt from paying prescription charges and a prescription is generated for a dressing applied in the surgery, then a prescription fee is due from the patient. The PA endorsement in this case isnt relevant as NHS Presciption Services database automatically recognises what is a PA item.

In many practices I have visited are completely unaware that they are having money taken off them from prescription services for their switched prescriptions.

If you are unsure, please give me a call and I can talk you through the Exeter statement and see if this is a problem for you.

Our first pilot was so successful, saving the practice around £5000 per year, surely its worth a phone call.

If you would like to find out more about this or to sign up for this service we can offer the first ten Dispex Members a discounted rate of £250 + travel at cost + VAT please email or give Amanda a call on 07790 827478