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Ask a Dispex tutor-FMD 2021


Dispex Member Query-FMD 2021:

Has the FMD software definitely been terminated for Dispensing Doctors? We also used the process/SYSTMONE for stock/expiry date control- we recorded expiry dates, quantities and the code. If the FMD software has been terminated what are the current regulations or best practice?

Mel Says:

As of 1st January 2021, due to leaving the EU we are now unable to use FMD software. The UK has to develop their own which will essentially talk to the EU FMD. This they have said could take 12-18 months to develop. Therefore the software is now redundant.

The purpose is to ensure medicines are not falsified. However this does record expiry dates and batch numbers so could be used for MHRA medicine recalls/alerts and to run a search/audit on expired meds.

EMIS & SYSTMONE has the functionality to record batch numbers and expiry dates but not all dispensaries use this. Some use a stand alone software which also record these.

In answer to your question you can now abandon using FMD software, but you should still keep your UK MEDICINES VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE. Most will find theirs due to expire imminently. 

Below is info which maybe helpful

Your certificate for the UK Medicines Verification System will expire in 60 days and a new certificate has been automatically generated for you. When your current certificate expires, you will no longer be able to connect to the system.

To continue using the system, download your new certificate with the following details:

Username (Login):


Expiry date:

There are 2 ways to download your new certificate:

  1. Systematically: Your software may support downloading your new certificate systematically. You may need to refer to your software documentation or supplier.
  2. Manually: Log on to the certificate server at this address: using your username and password and then download your certificate using the TAN above. 
    On downloading the certificate you will be provided with a passphrase which you will need for integrating the certificate in to your software for web service connection, or to integrate with your browser to access the UK MVS Web Portal

This email was generated automatically by the UK Medicines Verification System. Please do not reply to this email.

If you have any questions please contact

SecurMed UK

In answer to previous process for expired medicines, yes they can revert to this process.


Mel Greeves - Dispex Tutor