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Automation - Poppitt - Beat The Price Rise Order Now!


Beat the Price Rise!

The Poppitt digital dispensing device, which automatically de-blisters most capsules and tablets, is rising in price from October 1st 2019. After this date the price to Dispex Members will be £349 + vat + £9 delivery fee.

Dispex has secured a special one off price of £299 + vat + £9 delivery for five lucky Dispex Members. You must place your order before the 1st of October to be eligible for this offer. And there are only five available so first come first served!

“The Professional Poppitts” device is designed for use by busy dispensaries preparing monitored dosage system trays for the community or care homes. It is a small desk-top electrical device that takes up very little room of your valuable bench-space and removes most tablets and capsules from their blister packs with ease.

Passing the blistered strip of tablets underneath the safety guard and pressing against the activator will result in the punch mechanism removing the tablet into the tray beneath. It takes only a few seconds to remove all the tablets from a blister pack and saves your dispensary team any discomfort or pain from the repetitive stress of pushing the tablets out.

Email to place your order.