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Automation - The Story of CDSmart Digital CD Register


Everyone likes a good story…..So after 25 year in retail pharmacy I ended up owning and working in a very busy community pharmacy in one of the most deprived areas of Bolton. I have trained many pre-registration pharmacists in my time, but the last one is worth writing about. He arrived for his first day of work, smartly dressed carrying a briefcase and even wore cuff-links on his well ironed crisp white shirt!

In July 2014, Taskeel Khan set to work and very soon out shone even me, with all that visited my pharmacy. Within weeks patients would ask for that young man and soon they were bringing in somasos for him!

Taskeel was soon tasked with all duties relating to controlled drugs, and it did not take long for him to look me in the eye and say “I did not go to university to spend hours writing in these tatty registers.” He soon produced an appraisal of all electronic registers on the market and concluded, “they are all rubbish…we should build one,” he proclaimed!

Three years later Taskeel is now my business partner and I am proud to say we have the fastest and most innovative electronic controlled drugs register on the market.

We have achieved this because our product has been created and developed by people who truly understand the needs of a product in what is, a busy dynamic, cash constrained environment. CDsmart has the following benefits for the following individuals in your business.

Dispensary staff:

The one thing most dispensary staff lack is time.

CDsmart can make a single entry in 3-4 seconds and even 3 different drug entries for the same patient in 10 seconds. Now consider how long it takes to find the correct paper register!

CDsmart is a secure cloud based system that can be used from any PC, laptop or tablet connected to the internet within your premises. This together with the ability to create individual user accounts gives a high level of audibility.

Pharmacist: The pharmacist will now also have more time as he can now delegate CD entries to staff with confidence. CDsmart has an app based interface and is very intuitive, requiring very little or no training. The software is packed with validation to prevent discrepancies occurring and stock level alerts and messages can also be set.

Business owners / Partners:

Apart for the obvious regulatory compliance, clear audit trails and efficient use of staff time, CDsmart can save money. As many Controlled drugs are very expensive, CDsmart will display the cost for all registers and will detect and value stock that may be going out of date. It will alert each user if the item is expensive and can help optimise stock levels. Expired stock and the entire cupboard can be valued very easily.

Regulatory personal e.g Inspectors / authorised witnesses.

CDsmart provides benefits for managers and regulatory personals. Authorised witnesses can record destruction of expired stock with one click. Advisory notes can be left for the pharmacy and for any subsequent inspector visits.

DISPEX & DDA Discount:

CDsmart has worked closely with the DDA to tailor CDsmart to the individual needs of Dispensing practices. There are many settings that allow each manager to decide how Controlled drugs will be recorded in their own dispensary. This is a vital element of CDsmart, and for once you dictate how your software will operate, rather than the other way around.

Dispex has negotiated a 10% discount for all members, and ensured there is no contract tie-in period. Setup takes around 4 minutes and transfer from paper can be done as a slow transition or all at once, depending on your preference and individual needs.

Support :

CDsmart will listen and mould our software to your needs. We believe in providing exceptional service and support is available from 8am to 8pm seven days a week!

How do I get started.

Visit or email

Request more information or just click “Create account” from our home page and start to enjoy recording Controlled Drugs J


Dr Philip Koopowitz

Very intuitive CD register and has certainly reduced the amount of time my dispensers spend on completing the CD register. CDsmart satisfies all the legal requirements for an electronic CD register.

Greg Bull of Dispex Limited

It really is time for GP Practices to move into the 21st Century and adopt this type of new, secure, digital and online technology. CDSmart is the way forward for recording your Controlled Drugs registers