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Biggest ever flu vaccination campaign announced for 2020/21


27 July 2020 By MIMMS- click here

More than 30 million people are to be offered free flu vaccination this year in an 'unprecedented
drive' to protect vulnerable people and reduce winter pressure on the NHS.

The expanded flu vaccination programme is part of plans to ready the NHS for the risk of a
second peak of coronavirus cases, and to relieve winter pressures on A&E and emergency care.
Groups eligible to receive the vaccine will now include people aged 50–64 years, households of
those on the shielded patient list, and children in the first year of secondary school. 
Inclusion of these new groups will see the list of eligible patients increase by more than 15 million,
to cover almost half the UK population.
GPs have been calling for clarity on the expansion of the vaccination programme after NHS England
indicated in May that additional cohorts could be included for 2020/21 in response to the COVID-19
pandemic. There are fears that a challenging flu season could place unsustainable pressure on the
NHS if it coincides with a second peak of COVID-19 infections.
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