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Can We Dispense This Item?


Can We Dispense This Item?

Occasionally I get asked whether a dispensing practice can dispense a certain item. It is usually one of those items which comes up rarely on the GPs screen, or even it might have been hand-written.

As part of your Continued Professional Development, look at the table below which shows a few examples of items and their reimbursement status.

Product Is the item listed in the Drug Tariff? Is it listed in the Black List [Part XVIIIA Of the Drug Tariff] Is the Item CE Marked [meaning it is a device] Can it be dispensed against an NHS FP10 form? Reason
Bell's Healthcare Allergy Relief 10mg Film-Coated Tablets x 30 [cetirizine 10mg] Yes - Part VIIIA No No Yes Item is listed in Part VIIIA of the Drug Tariff
Ramipril 2.5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free x 150ml Yes - Part VIIIA No No Yes Item is listed in Part VIIIA of the Drug Tariff
Anadin Extra Tablets No Yes No No Item is on the Blacklist [Part XVIIIA]
Vamousse 160ml Head lice aerosol Yes - Part IXA No Yes Yes Items IS a device listed in Part IXA of the Drug Tariff

CE marked boxes and packaging means the item is a device, for it to be reimbursed correctly when dispensed against an NHS prescription, the item must be listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff.

Non-CE marked items can generally be dispensed and reimbursed correctly by the NHS Business Services as long as they are not listed in Part XVIIIA of the Drug Tariff, More commonly known as “The Blacklist”. Pregnacare tablets are a good example of this – they are not listed in the Drug Tariff, not CE marked and not listed in Part XVIIIA and so can be prescribed and dispensed [where clinically appropriate] on an NHS prescription.

Using the Drug Tariff is a vital part of any dispenser’s role in the dispensary, certainly dispensary managers should be familiar with it, and the GP in charge of the dispensary should know how it works! If they don’t, send them on one of our Drug Tariff and Endorsing training days, regional conferences or Master Classes.