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Chancellor Rishi Sunak's further extension


Chancellor Rishi Sunak has confirmed a further extension of the furlough scheme. Here are the key points below:

  • The Job Retention (furlough) Scheme will be extended until the end of March across the UK.
  • It will continue to provide 80% of furloughed employee wages until this date, although the government will review how much it is contributing in January in order to determine if employers should be asked to contribute more.
  • As a result of this extension, the Job Retention Bonus as we expected it will no longer be provided. ‘Future incentives’ will be announced at a later date.
  • The Chancellor also commented on the Job Support Scheme, outlining that it was to be implemented before the number of coronavirus cases warranted the new England lockdown and an extension of the furlough scheme. Therefore, for now, it looks like this has been postponed indefinitely.

A huge thank you our BrightHR development team for their support in reacting quickly to the latest updates, ensuring our new and existing clients have clear guidance and support when navigating through the ever-changing complexities of the global pandemic.

The key features of the furlough navigator are:

  • Ability to record and manage furlough absence for one or multiple employees
  • View furlough absence on the calendar
  • Create flexible furlough rotas
  • Generate furlough reports to support your claim against the Job Retention Scheme
  • Essential resources including guidance notes, letter templates and webinars

Employment Law has not changed or will be relaxed as there has been a pandemic,
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