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Dispensing Doctor Profitability Master Class Yeovil


Yeovil All Day Master Class with a Focus on Profitability and Dispensing in a Digital Age

Top Tips for Profit

With the various pressures on your profitability, listen and discuss the top tips for profitability as succesfully put into practice by Alastair. Get the basics right and ensure you are making the most of your dispensary.

How does your profitability measure up to national benchmarks?

Alastair, dispensing doctor profitability audit specialist, will talk about his experiences auditing and benchmarking dispensing doctor practices - how does your % gross profit measure up to Alastair’s experience?

Dispensing in a Digital Age

Do you use the dm+d? Online Drug Tariff? Are you still using paper CD Registers? Alastair and Taskeel will explain how you can move into the 21st Century.

The Pros and Cons of Your Own Pharmacy

Where your rurality is threatened by house buildings and development or you suspect a pharmacy may make a predatory application, have you considered protecting your dispensing rights by applying for your own pharmacy? Alastair has helped a number of practices apply succesfully for a pharmacy license.

Who should attend?

This full day of seminars is rally aimed at the GP in charge of the dispensary, and GP partners who want to understand more on the way to run a successful and profitable dispensary, consider opening a pharmacy and dispensary and pracitce managers who want to know more about the new digital world.

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