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Do You Monitor Purchase Prices?


Just a few very simple questions

Do you monitor the purchase price of your generics?

Do you even know the purchase price of your generics?

Do you know what the Drug Tariff price of a generic is?

How can you track all the changes each month?

Do you have a system in place for this?

For example this month sees a major price rise [via some suppliers] of famciclovir tablets, and as the Drug Tariff price has yet to rise, the margin change has dropped dramatically.

Dispex members can see the full list of items to check by logging into the members only area and downloading the Generic Margin Tracker for December 2019.

IMPORTANT - Market Price is a guide only - you MUST check what price you are actually paying. This document is intended as guidance only
Description Dose Pack Size Drug Tariff Change Market Price Change Margin Change
FAMCICLOVIR tablets [14] 500mg 14 £0.00 £119.25 -£119.25
FAMCICLOVIR tablets [21] 250mg 21 £0.38 £115.86 -£115.48