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FAQ - Another NCSO Query


Question - I would be grateful for your help regarding NCSO. We are a dispensing Practice and have received conflicting reports regarding endorsing prescriptions for reimbursement. Are we correct in thinking that we only receive the Drug Tariff price for certain drugs regardless of endorsing the script NCSO?

Am I correct in thinking that when a Price Concession is available we do receive that? Do we have to endorse the prescription with the price we have paid or is the Drug Tariff price applied automatically?

Answer - With regards to NCSO – this endorsement is not relevant to Dispensing Doctors. 

With regards to the price concessions they are applied automatically to those prescription items mentioned on the list for that month.

As to branded prescribing and dispensing:

·        if you prescribe the brand, the brand must be dispensed and you will be reimbursed the brand list price

·        if you prescribe a generic with no manufacturer or wholesaler details then you will be reimbursed the Drug Tariff price of the item regardless of what you paid for the item

Therefore if you have a generic which you can only buy for a price ABOVE the Drug Tariff price then you must endorse the manufacturer name on the right-hand side of the prescription. You will then be paid the manufacturer list price for that generic for that month.

So in practice really you need to only keep an eye on generics above the Drug Tariff in price and either prescribe and dispense a branded alternative or make sure the manufacturer name is added to the right hand side of the prescription.

Dispex members can download a list of generics with a purchase price above Drug Tariff from inside the members’ only area each month.