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FAQ - Multiple Charge Items


Question – I have been teaching a new dispenser about multiple prescription charges for items such as Climagest and have noted there may be a discrepancy between what my GP Medical system is automatically “endorsing” in the box on the front bottom left of my FP10 and what I think should be in there. I understand the box is to claim my professional [dispensing] fee but shouldn’t the number in that box be the same as the number of prescription fees I collect?

Answer – the short answer is no. It may be that you are due multiple professional [dispensing] fees for an item but that for various reasons the patient is only due to pay a single charge. In any case the pricing bureaux does not use the figures that are printed inside that box as their software automatically calculates dispensing fees due and prescription charges that should have been taken. Often the figures “endorsed” by GP medical systems are not correct. The main thing is to get your prescription charges correct to the patient.