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FAQ - Receptionists in the Dispensary


FAQ – Receptionists in the Dispensary
Question - We have employed a Dispensary Receptionist, they won’t dispense they will just run off and act as a counter assistant.  We won’t count their hours towards our dispensary hours for DSQS, I assume that they do not need to undertake the Level 2 Dispensing Assistant Course as they won’t be dispensing?
Dispex - This receptionist will be handing readymade items to the patients directly?
Yes, she is a Dispensary Receptionist, so she wouldn’t do any dispensing but help with all the admin jobs in the Dispensary such as running off and she would be handing out items that had been prepared by a dispenser.
Buttercups [Dispex preferred supplier of NVQ qualifications] clarified the situation of receptionists in the dispensary as follows:

NICK MARLER of Buttercups writes as follows:

Section 3.2 of the guidance section of the Dispensary Services Quality Scheme states:

"Training and qualification standards for non-medical staff whose role is not wholly dispensing

As explained in paragraph 2.1.2 of the specification, the negotiating parties have taken a pragmatic approach to the training requirements and accept that, providing staff are competent to perform those tasks that fall within their roles and responsibilities, it is not necessary for all of them to undertake a formal dispensing qualification. In such cases, the accountable GP (or suitable delegate) is responsible for making a decision as to whether or not a member of staff can satisfactorily be certified competent in the duties they undertake.

In some cases the work of such staff members will be covered by standard operating procedures.

If the principal role of an individual member of staff is working in the dispensary, the training and qualification requirements usually apply."

If the receptionist does not dispense as a regular part of their role, they are not required to undertake a dispensing assistant qualification at this time.  If you do wish to discuss training to help the receptionist better understand their role, please contact Buttercups directly: