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Generics Which MAY Be Above Drug Tariff Price August 2019


With the rise in price of many Category M items in August 2019, how many are still hard to obtain at, or below, Drug Tariff price with clawback taken into account?

We calculate over 90 generics may still be hard to purchase at Drug Tariff price or below. See some examples below where we have matched market price against Drug Tariff and still, the purchase price is above Drug Tariff. Dispex members can log in to download the full list. Check Drug Tariff price against your purchase price to ensure you aren't losing out!

Description Dose Pack Size Drug Tariff Price
ALVERINE capsules [100] 60mg 100 £3.47
AMISULPIRIDE oral solution [60ml] 60ml 1 £49.50
ATROPINE eye drops [10ml] 1% 1 £131.88
ATROPINE tablets [28] 600mcg 28 £52.92
ATROPINE tablets [28] 600mcg 28 £52.92
BETAHISTINE tablets [84] 16mg 84 £1.86
BETAHISTINE tablets [84] 8mg 84 £1.37
BRIMONIDINE eye drops [5ml] 0.2% 5ml 1 £1.75
CAPTOPRIL tablets [56] 25mg 56 £0.95
CAPTOPRIL tablets [56] 12.5mg 56 £0.86