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GP Staff Taught Self Defence


More than 3,000 violent patients in England were barred from seeing their GP in 2018, figures obtained by the BBC have revealed.

The individuals were subject to the Special Allocation Scheme, a register for violent or abusive patients.

A GP practice in West Yorkshire said employees had been given self-defence training, in response to rising levels of violence and abuse.

NHS England said staff should be able to carry out their work without fear.

More than 300 million GP appointments took place in England last year and staff said they were being subjected to growing levels of physical and verbal abuse from patients.

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Editor's Comment

This has been a rising trend over the past few years in the NHS and in response Dispex has teamed up with leading training providers GoodSense to deliver classroom training on how to avoid conflict and how to resolve conflict if it should arise. Click here for more details.