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NEW CD Masterclass


Controlled Drugs and CQC Masterclass

Are your Controlled Drugs records and procedures better than CQC Standard?

This new half day classroom seminar is aimed specifically at those who manage the Controlled Drugs [CD] procedures in GP Practice. The aim is to ensure you are fully compliant with all laws concerning controlled drugs, from ordering to handing over to the patient. This course can also be delivered on site at your surgery contact us for more details.

Our CQC Specialist Advisor pharmacist will be giving special emphasis on how you should be more than CQC Compliant, more than ready for your CQC CD inspection and more than ready to respond swiftly to a CQC CD inspection.

If you want to be better than CQC Standards with regards to your Controlled Drugs, who better than to get you ready, than a CQC Specialist Advisor?

CDs are a key element of the "Safe" domain for the CQC inspection and there's been more focus on this area in the last year. 

Controlled Drugs [CDs] – this is the area of highest risk in dispensing and supply; there is a chance to cause the most damage if they are dispensed incorrectly or taken incorrectly by the patient.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Overview of the CD Regulations and your responsibilities
  • Overview of CD handling procedures from ordering stock to handing over to the patient
  • Governance and CD management at arm’s length – How can this be achieved safely? 
  • CD SOPs - are they up to date and do they match what you observe happening? 
  • Staff training on CDs – are your staff up to speed? Is it mandatory at your practice? 
  • 3rd Party Checks - who, when, how? 
  • Incidents - Near Miss & Significant - Can you create the right environment to ensure this is the reality? No near miss/significant error reports are regarded as worse than many! 
  • Effective key management 
  • Supporting care homes or patients with CDs - where does responsibility end?  
  • CD Destruction - some many practices are still getting this wrong! Do you follow best practice or are you Gold Standard in this area? 
  • Prescribing – to include a prescription requirement reminder, rational prescribing and the impact on new Schedule 3 drugs such as Tramadol, Gabapentin, Pregabalin.
  • CD Registers – digital vs paper; CD Registers for the 21st Century

To find out more email Phone 01604 859000 Fax 01604 859687 or book online at