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New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Year!

I hope your Christmas wasn’t too hectic and you managed to spend some time with friends and family. Here are a number of New Year’s Resolutions for the smart Dispensary Manager

1.      Be more proactive with the DSQS, start carrying out DRUMS (Dispensary Review of Use of Medications) earlier in the year so that there isn’t that mad rush at the end of March. Presuming you are signed up for the DSQS (Dispensing Services Quality Scheme), you will need to carry out DRUMS on 10% of your dispensing patients. Plan the dispensary risk assessment and audit earlier so they don’t clash, again this is another requirement for the DSQS. Ensure all Standard Operating Procedures are up to date and signed by all involved.

2.      Start organising that Home Delivery service which you have been putting off for some time now! Local competing Pharmacies will almost certainly be offering free home delivery to almost anyone. So to ensure you keep your patients, this may be something that you need to embark on. Co-ordinate your deliveries with your weekly Dispex Clear Trays for your vulnerable patients to maximise efficiency.

3.      Read the Drug Tariff more, especially the preface. It may sound like a nerd’s dream, but the Preface gives you the changes to the Drug Tariff for the following month. This will tell you new products going into the tariff, items being deleted and other changes. It will then give you information of additions, deletions and changes to the current month.

4.      Chase your wholesaler representative to give you a list of patent expiries for the year, this way you can maximise any potential profit to be had. The days of blockbuster medicines going off patent are long gone, but there are still a few out there, so keep your eye on the ball.

5.      Organise more training for practice staff, again part of the DSQS criteria. Check the Dispex Gazette or the Dispex website to get details of training in your area and don’t forget, we can deliver in house training if the training is not in your location. For 2020 we are re-launching our Starting out for Dispensers Classroom training course – and don’t forget our Maintaining Dispensing Accuracy courses are still very successful.

6.      Check out the Dispex and DDA Regional Conferences for 2020 – they are invaluable networking opportunities, hear talks on profitability and automation, moving forwards into the 21st Century, how the dm+d works, and the opportunities for owning a pharmacy. Not to mention hopefully a live web broadcast to the conferences by NHS Prescription Services

7.      Track Reduced Wholesaler manufacturers so you know who they are and Manufacturer discount schemes more frequently. Make sure you are receiving all that is due to you and that any products which have a threshold for discount, is being ordered appropriately to trigger that discount. Ensure all your team know how important it is to purchase correctly and to purchase from the correct wholesaler.

8.      Regularly remove old/out of date information from the Dispensary. Try and have a sweep of your collection bay every month and remove any uncollected medication. Have a monthly check for any schedule 3 or 4 Controlled drugs which may see the FP10 out of its 28-day expiry.

9.      Try and get to grips with the wholesaler statement! When you next see your wholesaler representative, ask him or her to explain the statement. When did you last consider moving wholesaler? Find out what products are getting full wholesaler discount, this will empower you to confidently purchase your Parallel Imports. Check with your representative what generics are falling into their scheme to ensure you are always making an informed choice when purchasing.

10.   And finally look at your generic purchasing – could you be purchasing smarter from elsewhere? Especially for fast moving lines and bulk purchases where there may be better discounts from specialist generic suppliers.

And one for luck!

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