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Prescription Storage Solutions


Prescription storage need not be a test of everyone’s stress levels yet in most dispensaries I visit it is the ONE area I know I will have to help to resolve.  We have all experienced the dreaded queue  on a wet dark winter morning or an ever increasing angry queue at the hatch because Mr Jones 3 items have been misplaced. Chaos and negativity spreads like wild fire and it’s always the staff that cop for the pressure.

It really is a shame to see this pressure point, but most dispensaries have not addressed the issue and therefore the problem is pretty much everywhere.

During my 8 years of visiting dispensaries I have seen some pretty poor practice,                     

The finished script bag has been created over decades to have a glued gusset at the base and is designed to sit upright and on their bases, not stuffed on its side or pushed head first into the pigeon hole type shelf until like a Christmas cracker waiting to explode at the first touch sending cascades of finished bags on to an already occupied floor space.  If these were your medication I’m sure you would like them in better care! 

Importantly it is not you that is at fault here, a general lack of investment has created this malaise with poor practice allowed to just get worse as more work is required from a poor choice of equipment/ shelving.

Creating a better outcome has to be a goal for the whole management of the practice, a new fresh approach can be found and I would offer some helpful tips.       

Firstly we need to create an environment that rewards our customer patients and delivers a speedy “Grab and Go” scenario.  Speed up the process so that the queue does have a chance to grow.

Secondly seek a drawer system that brings the scripts to you rather than stuffed into a Tote box or wicker basket creating double and triple handling issues with staff up steps or having to scuttle on the floor searching through a tote box.

Why not create a designated car space near the premises just for script collections….

Finally refitting the space is not that hard and modular storage systems are available that can offer best practice and achieve the faster safe solution.  Pull out drawers free both hands to allow quicker search and find, all designed to speed up the process and reduce that stress.

Now is your time to act on this matter and remove the pressure and stress and add a better system to support your staff and patients.

Richard Kay