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Spring 2015 Training Schedule


Spring 2015 Training Schedule

We are delighted to announce our Spring 2015 course subjects. Within our training team you will
find an experienced, knowledgeable 
and professional team of tutors who have carried out the same
roles as the delegates they train.

Controlled Drugs- All You Need to Know on This Thorny Topic!

This course is designed to ensure that you are complying with all requirements
of the law on controlled drugs. From purchasing to dispensing we will help you with
the entire process of holding and managing controlled drug stock. This course is
suitable as a grounding for new dispensers to give them the background on CD
legislation AND those entrusted with CD control in the surgery.

The Drug Tariff and Endorsing -An Essential Course for Experienced Dispensers and GP 
A successful dispensary needs a full understanding of the Drug Tariff and how it affects 
your surgery reimbursement. The Drug Tariff is a complicated area and 
the more you
understand it the more likely you are to increase and maximize 
your dispensing income.
Learn how purchasing decisions can affect profitability.

Accounting For Profitability
Understanding your accounts, Using the accounts to manage your practice, analysing 
your financial performance, benchmarks, Accounting for the dispensary – dispensing
reimbursements, recording income and expenditure, monitoring income, maximising profits
 and margins and current trends in dispensing profits.

Business Management of the Dispensary - How To Run a Profitable Business 
This course will provide you with the key skills and knowledge to successfully manage
your dispensary including how to increase and maintain your profitability. 
Learn from
our experienced tutors about remuneration, how to improve dispensary 
how to maximize income from The Drug Tariff, our renowned top tips 
for profit, where
and how to make your buying decisions and more!

VAT Masterclass - Are you concerned about?

  • De Minimus
  • VAT and PA Items
  • Take Away Items
  • Dressings
  • Private Prescriptions
  • Medical Records and Insulin
  • Rebate Cheques
  • BACS and other payments – how to input them and VAT Returns? 

If so this is the course for you.

Customer Service For Dispensers 
This course will provide dispensary staff with the knowledge and ability to identify different
customer types, understand customer needs, and advise how to deal with difficult customers,
or those that have special needs or requirements. Dispensary staff will also learn the basics
of good communication skills and a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities and 
teamwork.  Delegates will be equipped with the skills needed to recognise opportunities for
improvements in customer care within the dispensary.  

Maintaining Dispensing Accuracy   
A NEW hands on course where you will be shown the best checking techniques. We will give
you all the help, tips and advice to avoid those near misses. Increasing 
accuracy in the picking, 
packing and dispensing process. You will go through the dispensing process methodically. We
will be using 'real' (artificail  prescriptions), real medicine boxes and real world situations to better
understand your part in the 

Basic Accounting for Dispensary Practices

This Course Covers:-

  • VAT
  • Balance Sheets
  • PBIT
  • Monitoring Spend vs Income
  • Monthly Accounts
  • Your End of Year
  • Reading your accounts and understanding losses and income
  • What is your % Gross Profit?
  • Profit analysis
  • Costings
  • How to budget
  • Cash flow in the dispensary.

Further details coming soon. For instant training updates please register to our email
news bulletins. 
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