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Tara Humphrey meets Jane Vance- he Business of Healthcare Podcast


The Business of Healthcare Podcast - Tara Humphrey meets Jane Vance

Tara Humphrey looks behind-the-scenes at the business side of healthcare by talking to NHS and private healthcare leaders, whilst sharing her own project management and leadership insights. And in this podcast Tara speaks to Dispex’s own Jane Vance all about dispensing practices. Jane talks about the nurse-led culture of her practice, the impact Covid-19 has had and the ‘new normal’ now her practice doors are closed but the practice is open.

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Tara has an MBA in Healthcare Leadership and Management and is the Founder and Managing Director of THC Primary Care a leading healthcare consultancy. THC Primary Care provides project management and consultancy services to improve the delivery of your primary care projects, networks, Training Hubs or with implementing GP Federation clinical services - to save you time, money and stress. We provide three core services: Primary Care Network Support, Healthcare Project Strategy Calls and Keynote Speaking. Find out more about us here

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