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UPDATED Dispensary Design with Richard Kay


What do you think is the most important aspect of dispensary design?

Gaining the best efficiency for key processes within the space available.  Better and more efficient stock control, expand work top space and bring efficient control to scripts waiting collection.

Where do you most often see problems with dispensary layout?

Finished script storage along with poorly designed dispensary hatches.  The best practice would be to create a fast grab and go scenario for script waiting.

What is the one single thing that you change most often in a dispensary? 

Layout.  Always looking to condense stock to the smallest footprint and expand working areas.

GP practices are seemingly growing in size and are always looking for ways to find more space – is there a simple solution to that? 

Best use of space is vital. Making sure all areas are valued requires a proper survey of the premises. A few recent transformations we have been involved in include swapping the Nursing rooms around to create a bigger dispensary and in some cases even swapping GPs consultation rooms to expand dispensary services. 

Another solution we have been involved with is to move Patient records into a Porta Record storage container. Moving records out of the practice into the grounds of the building, can free up vital space that can be converted into generation of better improved services and income.  Containers such as these are strong, safe and space efficient.

So it is possible and legal to store patient records in a Porta Record storage container?

Yes, many practices have already started this process on the surgery site. Our Porta Storage containers are incredibly strong and secure.  Located within the building grounds, connected to the power supply for lighting and security, these units are an ideal solution to the problem of how to deploy a record storage system.

How long have you been refitting out dispensaries for?

10 years

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Helping a practice realise their goals of a better dispensary.  Working closely with the practice can be very rewarding.

And finally a few personal questions – what football team do you support?

Born in Salford Manchester it had to be Man Utd

Favourite food?


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