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What's Your Learning Style?

As human beings we all learn new things in our own way. We are all so unique and
individual so why should the way we process information be any different. We all
have our own ways of filtering the information and these ways of learning are what
enable us to gain an understanding of a certain topic. By utilising these styles we
can work out how we learn best and adapt information to suit our requirements.
There are 3 main learning styles, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. 
Visual is often associated with pictures and images which include graphs, video's
and diagrams. A person 
who adopts this learning style will quite often process
information easier by memorising and visualising it in their heads. Some people
use mind mapping as a process for recalling information, associating facts with
objects in their minds. Here we just had to mention Sherlock Holmes and his Mind
Auditory relates to information that is read aloud or listened to. As children we
are taught phrases such as Never Eat Shredded Wheat (North, East, South, West)
in order to remember important facts or sequences. This is Auditory learning. People
with this particular learning style may find speaking to themselves out loud 
a good way to relay information.
Kinesthetic is a long word which essentially means 'hands on'. This learning style
embraces learning 'on the 
job' whereby the information is processed best by giving it
a go. Often when starting at a new job people will learn best by trying the task
themselves with guidance from a colleague. This can also work in training courses
with role play situations.
Our training courses aim to cover all 3 of these learning styles. Our tutors will explain
information full and in open discussions (Auditory) with the delegates, they have 
presentations, handouts and manuals (Visual), encourage role play in some courses
and provide worked examples whereby the delegates can bring forward their own
experiences with advice and guidance from the tutors (Kinesthetic).
To discover your learning style book a place on one of our courses, please click here