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Buttercups Training is delighted to offer Dispex members a bespoke programme of training for dispensary staff. As both our organisations are passionate about developing staff we’re promoting course models that provide additional value to both your team and your patients.  

At the moment, Buttercups has Apprenticeship funding for the Level 2 course reducing the fee to £150 + VAT for the full course for eligible candidates aged 19 or over.  Buttercups also has Advanced Apprenticeship funding for the Level 3 course, reducing the fee to an employer contribution of £770 + VAT for the full course for eligible candidates aged 19 to 23.  There would be no fee for eligible candidates aged 16-18 in either case.  The Apprenticeship programme includes the knowledge delivery, competence checks, and literacy and numeracy qualifications.  

Please click here to view AGE Grant information.
There is also a course bundle available exclusively to Dispex, which will contain the Level 2 Apprenticeship.  Details will be available shortly in the Dispex magazine.

Candidates must meet the Skills Funding Agency eligibility criteria.  Candidates must have either been a resident in the UK and Islands for 3 years prior to enrolment, or have been a national of the European Union for 3 years.  Candidates cannot be in full time education, and must be aged 16 years old or above.  Unfortunately, anyone who has obtained a higher education qualification at Level 4 or above, including a first degree by a recognised university or institution, is ineligible for Apprenticeship funding.

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