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Terms & Conditions

Membership of the Dispex Buying Group does not confer any rights regarding the affairs of Dispex Ltd.

All correspondence must be in writing and addressed to Dispex Limited 18 Oxleasow Road, East Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0RE.

Membership is restricted to General Medical Practices, Private Clinics, Community Pharmacies controlled by Physicians and Primary Care organisations.

Other institutions may be granted associated membership at the discretion of the current Administrator.

All remittances should be made payable to Dispex Ltd at the above address.

Initial membership and renewal membership will be deemed to be effective on the first day of the month of the receipt of payment. Where renewal payment is received after the lapse date, membership renewal will be deemed to be effective on the first day of the month in which it was due. Where renewal membership is received prior to the lapse date, membership renewal will be deemed to be effective on the first day of the month immediate following expiry of membership. The administrator may at their absolute discretion allow complimentary membership, special terms for initial membership or renewal of membership including special offers for longer periods. The membership records are held by Dispex Ltd whose discretion regarding membership status is final.

The administrator has the authority to either suspend or expel members without reason by means of a recorded delivery letter to their last known place of trading.

Where the administrator or Companies with which Dispex Ltd has agreements, have reasonable cause to believe that members are selling on to third parties, stock on which rebates or concessionary offers have been made available, Dispex Ltd or the Companies concerned have the absolute right to cause forfeiture of such deals including the right to repayment of any special terms or concessions.

Upon written request, Practices will supply such information as to enable identification of the member, correct payment of allocation of rebates or special prices and for any other legitimate purpose beneficial to the member of the buying group.

Members must supply details of their Vat status and their Vat registration number. Failure to do so, or notify changes of Vat status, will result in suspension of all privileges and rebates until the position is clarified.

Where members fail to present remittances for payment to their bankers, Dispex Ltd will enquire of them on two occasions only, one of which must be in writing requesting clarification of the reasons for non-presentation. Once clarification is received, Dispex Ltd will issue duplicate payment to the practice. Failure to present the duplicate payment will result in forfeiture of any monies due to the member.

Where membership has lapsed, no payments will be made for any activity following expiry of such membership. Where membership is lapsed and then renewed at a later point in time, payments shall be made for any activity during the lapsed period at the absolute discretion of the administrator.

Members may not enter into any agreement or contract on behalf of the group as a whole or Dispex Ltd in particular.

Forwarding of payment for either initial or renewal membership is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions. Where complimentary membership is given, encashment of rebate cheques of acceptance of Dispex Ltd offers is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.