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Practice Visits  
Dispex is proud to announce a NEW on site independent practice consultancy service where we look at your issues and help you solve your problems in an informal manner during a half day visit to your surgery. We specialise in convenient bespoke advice and consultancy and is completely independent of any pharma company sponsorship as you are the customer. We charge our members £350 + travel at cost [which can be capped] + VAT and non-Dispex Members will pay £450 + travel at cost + VAT.
Be aware that the best type of advice is always when it is independent and the advisor has no reason to promote any particular wholesaler, pharma company or other supplier to your dispensary.
We can even upgrade this practice visit to a dispensary audit with a pharmacist who has much experience working as an independent auditor of dispensing practices, he will analyse your spend versus income and show you how to look at your ePACT data and more - email to find out more.