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The Drug Tariff and Endorsing:An Essential Course for Dispensary Managers, Experienced Dispensers and the GP In Charge of the Dispensary

Course Description
A successful dispensary needs a team with a full understanding of the Drug Tariff and how it affects surgery reimbursement. The Drug Tariff is a complicated area and the more you understand it the more able you are to increase and maximize your dispensing income.
Who Should Attend
Dispensers, Dispensary Managers, GPs with an interest in the Dispensary and Practice Managers where they need to understand where the money comes from
Please contact the office for a course agenda

Delegate Testimonials

Dispenser from Leicester
"All practices should attend these courses to understand the importance of using drug tariffs and prescriptions.
Mandy was lovely, answered all questions and made course interesting and feel that what we were doing was correct.”

Jan, Dispenser
“Friendly representative from Dispex, very helpful and knowledgeable on questions asked.”

Sarah, Dispenser
“The course leader….explained everything thoroughly and recapped if anybody didn’t quite understand.
I went away with better knowledge”

“Good course materials –printouts” Dispenser from Yorkshire

“Lots of useful information explained in a simple way, good value & interesting” Dispenser from Wiltshire


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